Computer Gadgets


Easy clip on capability is only one of the many features this device offers and it allows for clear video to be transferred straight to your computer with ease.

Gadget 2- Logitech C270 Widescreen Webca

Compatible and well secured, this is a basic webcam for someone looking to get a simple necessity for any setup. Sleek and blends in well with just about anything.

Gadget 3- Microsoft Hypercam HD-3000.PNG

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000


Microsoft's own webcam that brings life to the simple aspects of a setup. The reasonable price means that it is great for people just starting and looking for quality in their product.

Gadget 4- Full HD webcam 1080P.PNG

Strong clip on attachment, wider lens and a beautiful quality camera allows for this webcam to compete with the best of the best for quality 

Gadget 5- Razer Kivo Full HD 1080p.PNG

The very top of the line. Boasting a wide, versatile, round lens and the highest quality video and picture quality, this webcam is a great, stylish addition to any setup.

Gadget 3- Logitech C930 Pro Stream Webca

Logitech C922x Pro Webcam


Form streaming to Skype, this webcam looks beautiful and functions just as well. Fast processing allows for the easy transfer of video straight to your computer. 

Gadget 6- VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor.PNG

Great heavy duty product that allows for two monitors to be mounted together up on a wall with ease. Safe and study desk clamp allows for security with your monitors.

Gadget 7- Mount-it! Triple Monitor Mount

The ultimate, end all be all solution to your setup problems. This is the strongest and most study wall mount out there and provides three slots for monitors. 

Gadget 9- Monitor Mount Stand - Adjustab

Perfect for those looking to simply prop up a single important and main monitor. Comes with vertical and horizontal motion movement to position the monitors how you please. 

Monitor Mounts

Gadget 10- Loctek Monitor Arm Dual Monit

For those looking to position their moniotrs in a fashion they please, Loctek offers one of the best monitor wall mounts out there. Reliable, sturdy, and flexible.

Gadget 11- Mount-It Sit-Stand Dest Mount

A great mount that can double as a movable and adjustable desk with a keyboard slot for typing. Contains two monitor slots for availability.

Gadget 12- Mount-It! MI-3352LTMN Laptop

This is the idea mount and desk setup for those who enjoy the luxury of standing and working and also primarily use a laptop for work.


Setup Enhancers + USB Hubs

For those using Mac's and apple products, this is perfect for your setup. This product expands on the Mac's capabilities and adds USB ports that are easy to attach and easy to access.

Capable of holding up two heavy headphones while also providing three more charging ports, all with easy access that is subtle and smooth. 

Bondic Wire Fixer.PNG

Now when one of your many wires break or they grow too much wear on them, just seal it up! It is easy to use and cheap to replace the gel inside without sacrificing money on replacing the wire.

Simple, effective, supportive and made for laptops that have limited USB ports, the sabrent extender is perfect for those looking to get more out of their computer.

Anker 4-Port USB hub.PNG

Capable of looking clean and smooth, this will for sure improve your desk setup. The stylish shape of the hub allows you to customize your wiring how you want.

Powered USB Hub 3.0.PNG

Options within your setup and choosing when you want this or that activated is always a great thing to have, and now you can control exactly that with this USB hub.

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