Headset 1- COWIN E8.jpg



Allow for the highest quality of sound to flow from your computer with these brilliant noise canceling, wireless Bluetooth headphones.

iJoy Matte


With comfortable bass sound, flexible 5 button control, with a rechargeable  battery, this headset is perfect for those looking for a unique and quality headset.

Headset 3- Mpow M3.jpg

Focused on comfortable and quality sound, this headset provides the ultimate wireless experience for the user and allows them to be emerged.


Setup Accessories

The 40 mm sound drivers provide some of the best sound quality available with fully wireless sound with minimal charging offered. 

TaoTronics ANC Foldable


These Bluetooth headphones are great for those that want to do away with pesky wires for good. Wireless is the way to go and these headphones are high quality.

Headset 5- COWIN E7.jpg



Coming in multiple colors and a high quality of sound, these wireless headsets come bearing a quality mic with up to 30 hours of functionality on battery life.

Headset 8- Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.PNG

This is one of the best headsets on the market as it is critically reviewed by the best of the best. Its cabled capabilities allow for it to pick up every inch of sound possible.

Headset 7- Mpow Thor Bluetooth Headophon

Moderate noise canceling and a sturdy/slick design allow for this headset to accommodate for all the possible needs of a setup imaginable.

Headset 10- Sades D802.PNG

Sades D802


Brilliant for new setups and music, this wireless headset comes with many features. It offers many options when choosing customization and sound quality.

Logitech developed this headset strictly for gaming in mind. Though usable as a casual headset, the Logitech G offers a quality of sound that is high quality and very accurate. 

Stereo headset that is perfect for quality music listening and audio tuning. Get the best with this headset and listen to the purest of sound.

For its price, this headset offers users a lot of quality. From high performance sound to being the ultimatum in comfort, they are some of the best online.

Headset 9- Ailihen I35 Stereo.jpg

Colorful, simple, and well designed, this pair of headphones is great for those looking for a simple product to use for a long time.

Headset 10- Artix Foldable On-Ear Adjust

With the benefit of being cheap and durable, these wired headphones are great. From accurate sound quality to perfect music streaming, little compares to the price.

High quality sound, an amazingly appealing design, and comfort fitting are all included in these headphones. They provide clear and precise sound quality for the user.

Headset 13.PNG

Mpow H5


Active noise canceling and highest of quality is exaclty what is delivered with these great headphones. They are top tier and perfect for gaming or casual players and music lovers



mic 1.PNG

Being rated as one of amazon's highest selling and highest rated microphones is something to brag about. This microphone is top of the line for recording and speaking alike.

Mic 2.PNG

Another one of amazon's greatest sellers, this product is great for picking up audio. No matter your setting, this is an easy to set up, easy to use microphone for anything.

Mic 3.PNG

For those looking to start recording seriously or want an optimal setup that can be easily adjusted and moved, this microphone recording kit is perfect.

Mic 4.PNG

To those who already have a microphone itself, this stand is perfect. It is high quality and is a great price for those looking to perfect their setup.

Mic 5.PNG

One of the all time top rated products when it come to sound recording. The Audio-Technica AT2020 is the highest of quality, fit for anyone looking to up their setup's game.

Mic 6.PNG

When it comes to microphones, branding is very important, and yeti is second to none. It's high quality recording allows for it to snag any sound that you input while discarding pointless background noise.


Gadget 13- Bose Companion 2 Series.PNG

These are great for any setup that requires quality sound. With high quality audio performance, these speakers are great at any volume, allowing for the user to get the most out of their audio.

Gadget 14- Surround Computer Speakers wi

Bass with more bass, these medium to high quality speakers provide great sound quality and come in many colors to collaborate with just about any setup. 

Gadget 15- Creative Pebble 2.0.PNG

Simplicity at its finest will be on your desk with these beautifully designed speakers. Connectable with ease and comfortable to look at they'll go great with many different setup designs.

Gadget 16- Elegiant USB Powered Sound Ba

Perhaps a middle piece between two larger speakers, this quality sound accessory is slick and clean. This will fit into just about any setup you choose to design.

Gadget - Logitech S12.0 Stereo Speakers.

Easy to setup and cost efficient, these speakers are great for a simple and small setup. Providing great sound and wired functionality, they are great.

Gadget - Logitech Z623.PNG

Great for just about any setup, these speakers offer great quality sound while also allowing users easy access with little wiring involved.

Gadget - OnotZ Angle 3 Enhanced Stereo.P

Easy to pair, bluetooth speaker that comes with zero wiring. A great center piece that is a simplistic design that goes perfectly with any setup design.

Speaker 1 - DOSS Touch Wireless bluetoot

Cheap, quality, and wireless, this bluetooth speaker is top of the line and provides a great sound experience for all users no matter the setup.

Speakers 2.PNG

Stellar Bluetooth connection allows for these speakers to easily pair to any device you may contain within your personalized setup. 

Speaker 2 - Vtin portable bluetooth spea

The Vtin portable Bluetooth speaker is available to those who love great sound quality and music on the go. it pairs easily and with just about any device.

For the price, this speaker is great. It is extra portable and has easy to pair Bluetooth connectivity as well as being one of Amazon's top products.

As amazon's 8th best product in their field of Bluetooth speakers, this product ranks very high. It boasts high sound quality and easy pairing capabilities, all for a great price.

A perfect device to improve any setup via simple USB. It plugs into a USB port and it comes with wiring, it improves sound quality and ups the maximum volume allowed through your computer.


Computer Mice

Built with the strict simplicity in mind, this wireless mouse comes in many different colors and provides users a comfortable and high preforming mouse.

Computer Mouse 2- Logitech MX Master.jpg

The top of the line mouse for multi purpose use. The side grip allows for maximum comfort while the excess buttons are readily able to be customized.

Computer Mouse 3- Jelly Comb.jpeg

This mouse is very design orientated and provides a cheap alternative to expensive wireless mice. It provides numerous colors and is used through a USB slot. 

Computer Mouse 4- Logitech G602.jpg

Zero lag mouse that comes with wireless functionality. It comes with extra buttons and comes with a 250 hour battery life for continuous use. 

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse


Instead of having to listen to the annoying clicking of other mice, this mouse is fit with silent clicking. From working to gaming, this mouse is consistent with performance.

Unlike the standard flat and low profile mouse, this one stands out by far above the rest. Paired with an easy access DPI switcher, this mouse is perfect for accuracy.

The fancy and up to style trackball allows for smooth performance from selecting to guiding your cursor around. Comfortable grip but best used for casual work.  

Computer Mouse 8- RAZER NAGA HEX V2.jpg

The ultimate mouse for gaming and comfort. This is a very precise and accurate mouse that comes with a fully customization button wheel on the side. 

Computer Mouse 9- Razer Lancehead Tourna

It is impossible to discuss gaming mice without talking about Razer. This smooth mouse lights up and is able to be fully customized with top performance in mind.

Logitech provides some of the highest quality products in the name of gaming. The many programmable buttons on this mouse make it perfect for user experience.

Computer Mouse 11- SANWA Bluetooth Verti

The verticallity of this mouse provides ultimate comfort. The design of this mouse make it feel like your gripping it instead of placing your hand on top of it like a traditional mouse.

Bringing to light the new design that the trackball brings to the mouse world, the Kensington provides accurate performance  without sacrificing comfortability

With this mouse, the intricate lighting and design is the main appeal. For its price, this mouse preforms exceptionally well and is still fairly customizable.

Computer Mouse 14- PICTEK Gaming Mouse W

Programming this mouse is a breeze and it has color changing capabilities. This mouse provides easy gaming experience and it goes with just about any setup imaginable.

Perfect for simplicity and ease, this mouse comes with few buttons but aims for zero lag input and performance through it's wired functionality.


Computer Mousepads

Mouse Pad - VTSing Mouse Pad.PNG

A quality mouse pad that is cheap and effective at what it does. This mouse pad is washable and has grips for just about any type of surface. 

Mouse Pad 2 - CORSAIR MM300.PNG

Large and in charge is what this professional mouse pad aims to get across. It is slick and smooth but allows for a subtle design for any setup.

Mouse Pad 3 - VicTsing Extended Gaming M

From gaming to casual performance and work, this large mouse pad allows the user to have the best of the best while also allowing for comfort.

Mouse Pad 4 - LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mo

Stylish and colorful, this mouse pad offers a total of 9 color modes and is easy to setup in any situation. Great quality with top tier effects.

Mouse Pad 5 - XL Mouse Pad, Extended Gam

This mouse pad offers two designs, a world map in grey and a colorful rainbow pattern in many colors. Comes with a smooth and clean surface for accurate tracking.

Mouse Pad 6 - GLTECK Large Gaming Mouse

Coming in a perfectly treated, colorful red edging, this mouse pad is top of the line. Accurate tracking is a given with a mouse pad such as this.

Mouse Pad 7 - Razer Sphex V2 Ultra-Thin

Smooth surface with a colorful design allows for this mouse pad to be the top of the line in quality and it competes with some of the best in its price bracket.

Mouse Pad 8 - CORSAIR MM800C Polaris.PNG

It is almost impossible to talk about quality mouse pads at all without mentioning this beast. It  comes in both cloth and hard surface options for customization. 

Mouse Pad 9 - SubZERO Caming TYKA.PNG

Large and spanning almost any space you will ever need for your setup, this mouse pad tops all others in its top tier comfort and style. 


This color-changing, mechanical, and USB powered keyboard allows for ease of typing and performance without sacrificing user experience. 

Keyboard 2- Cooler Master CK550 Gaming M

The cooler master is for the hardcore and for the casual. It provides reliable performance while also being attractive, long lasting, and durable.

Productivity shoots through the roof and your hands will never get sore with this brilliant design. Comfortably type away on your computer without any worries of being uncomfortable.


Precision and ease come built in with this beautifully colorful keyboard. Customizable colors and a mouse are included with this high tech, well designed keyboard.

This keyboard offers users a customizable color pallet and is back-lit. The unique back light allows for the keyboard to fit right into any setup's design.

The elevated rest on the top of the keyboard allows for your hands to be comfortable while typing. Simple keyboard that allows for functionality and durability.

Built for comfort and accessibility, this keyboard offers gamers the highest quality typing for any activities involving the keyboard.

Back lighting and mechanical, this keyboard has just about anything a basic setup needs. Simple keyboard that comes with a number pad and very durable. 

For those users that strive for the simplicity and comfort of apple products, this is the keyboard you will seek to use. Provides easy wireless pairing and is comfortable and efficient.

Keyboard 10- AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard

Perfect keyboard for those looking for a cheap solution to go with a simple setup. This keyboard is wired and provides no lag input on typing and is great for small setups.

For those in need of comfort and use for multiple tasks, this keyboard has functionality that surpasses regular keyboards strictly in its design.

This back-lit keyboard offers both the efficiency of regular keyboards while also providing the user with customization options to fit into the design of any setup.

Anne PRO 2.jpeg

Anne PRO 2


Wireless and crazy simple, this keyboard is wonderful and comes with a load of programming capabilities making it one of the most custom items available.


With quiet, custom, back-lit keys, this keyboard is top notch. It preforms with minimal lag and great input speed, allowing for top of the line response times.

Keyboard with media controls and wheels to adjust audio volume are the most handy and this keyboard comes with just that, combined with great visual appearance.


Controller 1 -.PNG

Simple as it comes and can be paired to both consoles and PC setups alike for those who like to use a gaming controller over mouse and keyboard.

Controller 2- Xbox Blue wireless control

Don't like wires? No problem. This controller is completely wireless and is simple to pair with your XBox and any setup you can create with it.

Controller 3 - DuealShock 4 wireless con

Design wise this controller speaks for itself in ways that are flashy but it doesn't sacrifice performance just to end up looking good against any setup.

Controller 3 - Xbox wireless controller

This is for those hardcore fans that love the game and want to add some customization to their setup. With wireless pairing, nothing gets in the way of game-play.

Controller 4 - PowerA Enhanced wireless

Lover of Nintendo? Want to expand your setup and make it feel more personalized as you play? This controller is perfect for those playing on the switch that prefer a different styled controller.

Xbox 1 Wireless Controller.PNG

The cosmic background of this controller and its Bluetooth pairing make it fit right in easily with just about any setup imaginable, XBox or PC.

Controller 6 - DualShock 4 Wireless Cont

For PS4 users that want to use the top of the line comfortable controller, this is perfect. It's quick response time allows it to pick up inputs perfectly with zero lag.

Controller 7 -Nintendo Switch Pro Contro

Love Xenoblade or just simply need a customized pro controller as a gift? Along with the other Nintendo pro controllers, this one is top of the line and very well made.

Controller 8 - Minecraft Pig XBox 1 Cont

Wether you enjoy playing minecraft or just want a cute pink controller to fit your customized and professional setup, this controller is perfect.

PowerA Wireless.PNG

One of the all time best prices for a wireless gamecube controller, this is sure to save you no only money but the hassle that comes with the wired controllers.

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